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Online Blog > 04/15/2013 - Sandpoint Contractor completes total kitchen remodel in Hope

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Recently we had the opportunity to completely remodel this kitchen in Hope, Idaho.  The original kitchen was designed and built in the early 1970's.  We used our home design software from Chief Architect to layout a new kitchen within the existing space.  We also completely opened up the floor plan by raising a beam and removing a wall that separated the kitchen from the dining room.

Let's walk through some of the changes. In the old kitchen, there was one nice window with a view of Lake Pend Oreille, but the glass seals were blown, and it was fogged.  We replaced the window glass and redesigned the floor layout and the booth.  Additionally, there was a low ceiling/soffit over the booth, which we removed and raised the ceiling height, giving a modern feel of space.  Here is the before photo of the booth area:

We added a large picture window on the west wall and installed Corian countertops and new cabinets by Omega.  We built a new custom booth with cushions and table.  Here are the results:

Before the remodel, there was a small window behind the sink and tile on the countertops:

We added a larger window behind the sink, a new tile backsplash, Corian countertops and integrated sink, and here are the results:

A perspective on the whole new kitchen facing the south wall.  Note, there is even a new entry door:

A major change was to open up the wall behind the range to the dining room.  This really opened up the light and gave a great sense of open space while still leaving counter and bar countertop to define the space.  Here is the before photo:

Following is the result of the remodel.  We used an inline exhaust fan by Fantech to create a custom range exhaust int he backsplash.  It's got some real power:

Finally, there was a major change to the inside wall, adding a major amount of storage space in the pantry cabinets. Before:

And, the inside wall after:

One more perspective - the dining room looking toward the kitchen before the remodel:

And, the result after the remodel:


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